How to join the Sheppton-Oneida Volunteer Fire Company

(2) Read, complete, and sign all components of the application. If the applicant is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must co-sign the application. For the application to be considered, all forms must be completed and submitted.

(3) The applicant is required to complete a screening medical exam and have the appropriate physical exam form signed by a licensed medical practioner. This form must be returned with the application. The applicant is responsible for any costs associated with the medical examination.

(4) Applicants will undergo an online criminal background investigation through the Pennsylvania State Police and a background check by the Officers and Trustees of the Sheppton-Oneida Volunteer Fire Company. There is no fee associated with this background check.

(5) Fax, mail, drop off, or give the application to any member the Sheppton-Oneida Volunteer Fire Company:

Sheppton-Oneida Volunteer Fire Company
900 Center Street P.O. Box 275
Sheppton, PA 18248
Attn: Membership

Phone/Fax: (570) 384-4746



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